About us

Central Park Projects was founded in 2011 by New Yorker Jason Frenkel, who has been living and working in South Africa since 1996.  Jason is a professional architect and a registered project manager, with extensive experience in construction in both South Africa and the USA. He has been involved with the design, project management and physical construction of restaurants, houses, apartments, residential complexes, retail shops, supermarkets, green buildings, renovations and pro bono community outreach projects.

Central Park Projects is a creative design company specialising in a wide array of design, project management and construction of commercial and residential spaces.  As with Central Park itself, relationships are fundamental to our business – relationships between the natural and architectural; between client, designer, builder and user; and between budget and beauty. Due to the combination of building related skills, Central Park Projects is able to understand the relationship between these processes from conception to completion, no matter what part of the process we are hired to undertake. This enables us to pick up the issues that occur in any project as we have expertise in all these areas which results in a better quality build for you.

This understanding of the relationship between design and construction is fundamental to Central Park Projects.  As a design and construction business, we truly understand the importance of designing spaces that are practical and affordable to build, while ensuring that they support the businesses and people who will occupy them.

What we value

What our clients say

“We bought a grand old Edwardian home that was boxy and that had been subjected to a bad renovation in the 1980s. Jason transformed it into the stylish, open, light-filled home that we now love. Jason brought form and function together using robust materials that are also visually appealing. Altogether a professional and pleasing experience that is unfortunately not common these days.” – Candice, Forest Town House

“Jason has a combination of complementary talents: his education and experience in both design and construction make him a designer who understands building and a builder who understands design. This is extremely evident in the initial phases of costings where all the right questions are asked of the designers to ensure accurate costings and longevity of the build by specifying the correct materials being used in the correct way.

During the course of the build, his attention to detail ensures that contractors know exactly what is required of them which in turn ensures that the final quality of build is always of the highest standard. I have no hesitation in recommending Jason Frenkel to anyone who may be looking to utilize his services as either an Architect or Project Manager.” – Andrew Cary, Owner at MOMOD Retail Project Management.